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The following is not the scope of free warranty:

After-sales Service of Ebelong:

——  After-sales Service  ——

1. Products purchased via unauthorized distribution channel. 


2. Products without or missing warranty voucher, or content of warranty voucher not coinciding with physical marks of commodity or being



3. Products repaired by technician not belonging to our company, or those refitted or any parts being replaced without authorization.


4. Damages caused by artificial reasons.


5. Damages caused by force majeure.



(Note: Customers are required to properly keep the sales receipts to be served as the important warranty certificate and avoid losses for missing.)

1. All customers can enjoy national insurance service from the date of purchase of Ebelong products.


2. Ebelong promises that customers can enjoy services of return within 7 days and free warranty within 2 years from the date of purchase for

any fault caused by non-artificial damages because of quality problems of the product itself with moderate use, and can handle warranty

issues by contacting local distributors directly with sales receipts.

——  Service  ——