New Bluetooth switch launch at Guzhen Lighting Fair


The 24th Guzhen Lighting Fair (Autumn)

A5, 8th floor  Lighting Alliance星光联盟8楼A5

The most majority of lighting get together this fair, we will present our Bluetooth wireless switch this time. In the era of smart home, there is a need for self-powered switches that are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and do not require wiring. And most of the domestic self-powered switches require supporting controllers to use. While we developed the Bluetooth self-powered switches are able to control the Bluetooth light directly and it can easily achieve the functions of dimming and color adjustment for scene control. Ebelong will keep developing and exploring more unknown boundaries and areas of lighting control.

S3 Bluetooth switch

Exquisite design, with micro energy acquisition module inside. No battery, no wire. Extremely

easy to install.。


P1 Bluetooth switch

Handheld Bluetooth wireless kinetic switch, with innovative appearance design. No need wall chiseling, no battery , no wiring. Easy to use for various conditions and create a favorite lighting scene to dim and change color temperature freely. 

The Bluetooth kinetic energy switch redefines the future of smart lighting, allowing more lighting manufacturers to easily integrate into smart homes in a simpler way. Ebelong adheres to the foundation of scientific and technological innovation and the first standard of user experience. Light up future life with a higher level of service. Looking forward to meeting each other, hope that the intelligent and beautiful life will be accompanied with Ebelong technology.

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